Gwendoline house is a privately owned care home, the owner Mr Moss lives and works full time at the home. The home is able to accommodate up to 16 persons aged 65 years and over requiring personal care only. Where possible residents are able to keep their own G.P and have access to District Nurses and other health care services should they require it. An optician visits the home and there is also a visiting hairdresser and chiropodist.


The property has been extended to accommodate sixteen residents. There are several communal areas comprising of a lounge, dining areas, conservatory and a secluded garden area with seating, potted plants and a pond. All the rooms are single occupancy with thirteen rooms having en-suite facilities. In addition to the en-suite facilities there are three toilets, two shower rooms and a bathroom.


All staff are subject to mandatory training study days. Staff are responsible for carrying out the care needs of residents under supervision of the senior staff. The total number of staff is 15 with the total number of care staff being 13. The staff qualifications are;
  • NVQ 2 × 5 Staff
  • NVQ 3 × 2 Staff
  • NVQ 4 × 1 Matron

It is the Staff's duty to respect the rights of the residents to:

  1. Self Respect and Dignity - Staff show residents respect and dignity allowing them to have their own views, and to retain what is personal and private.
  2. Be treated as individuals - All residents are treated as individuals and do not to have to live under rigid routines. Residents are given the opportunity to continue to take part in religious life.
  3. Choice - This is achieved through partnership between Residents and staff as equals, residents have a right to choose dress, what they eat, when and where they eat, when they go to bed, when to join in and when to be private.
  4. Privacy - Residents have a right to be private - especially in their own rooms. Staff must always knock and wait to be invited in.
  5. Independence/Dependence - Staff encourage residents to be more independent within the home (where necessary ) and outside.
  6. Leisure - Activities are provided within the home, and residents are made aware of these and given the choice to join in.
  7. Esteem and self worth - Residents are encouraged to keep links with the world outside. Staff share life experiences and realise that residents have the same needs as other people and these are respected.
  8. Have emotional Needs met - Residents have the right to have intimate and personal relationships inside and outside the home.
  9. Risk Taking - Responsible risk taking is and should be seen as normal. Residents are be free to make their own decisions as long as they do not effect the safety of others.
  10. Changed Needs - Staff must be aware that residents needs may sometimes change and must therefore be prepared to be flexible to meets them.

Address : 17-19 Pleasant Road, Downend, Bristol, BS16 5JN
Email :
Telephone : 0117 9571957